Pakistan: Nationwide disruption hits social media platforms during PTI virtual rally

The disruption affected popular platforms including X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, according to live metrics provided by the internet tracking agency at 7:12 pm.

“Confirmed: Live metrics show a nation-scale disruption to social media platforms across Pakistan, including X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube,” Netblocks stated, noting that the incident occurred as the PTI launched its second virtual gathering.

The disruption raises concerns about freedom of expression and digital communication during critical political events in the country.

Responding to Netblocks’ confirmation, the PTI issued a statement expressing dismay: “Shame on the caretakers that are causing damage to Pakistanis only.”

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The party insisted that its virtual event would proceed as planned, commencing at 8pm despite the apparent interference with online communication.

This is not the first instance of such disruptions, as a similar incident occurred on January 7 during a virtual fundraising telethon organised by the PTI.

Following that disruption, the PTI urged the Supreme Court to take notice of the suspension of internet services and the blockage of social media websites, asserting that these actions deprived 240 million people of their basic rights and resulted in financial losses for the country.

Telecom operators also expressed concerns over frequent internet outages, citing potential political motivations behind the disruptions.

The December 17 virtual power show organised by the PTI saw a similar impact on social media platforms, further highlighting the recurrent nature of such incidents during the party’s virtual events.

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