What is the Best Age to Start Your Child’s Education?

As your kids get bigger and learn more, it’s really important to start their education early. If your child has been in daycare and you’re thinking about starting them in preschool, have you thought about Montessori preschool? You might be wondering when preschool starts and what it’s all about. Let’s talk about the age kids usually start preschool and what preschool helps them learn.”

What Age is Preschool?

Preschools usually welcomes kids aged 3 to 6. It’s a crucial time when they’re blossoming in their learning journey. At this age, they start building confidence, getting more curious, and becoming more independent. Plus, they get to explore new things at their own speed.

Preschool kids
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Does Preschool Help Children Achieve Milestones?

Attending preschool brings lifelong advantages, setting the stage for your kids’ future achievements. It supports healthy brain growth, fosters social skills in a secure setting, and introduces kids to diversity and respecting differences. With tailored tools and tech for their age, early education boosts their learning and memory.
In addition to mental, physical, and social advantages, childhood education programs contribute to better health. Quality care from these programs positively impacts children’s learning and growth. Regular vision, hearing, and developmental check-ups ensure children receive proper care and attention.

Benefits of Preschool and Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education offers lifelong advantages, paving the way for future success. Here are a few examples of how preschool and early childhood education programs benefit your child:

  • Promotes brain development
  • Helps develop 21st century skills to prepare for future success
  • Encourages holistic development
  • Enhances learning by using age appropriate technology
  • Socializes in a safe environment
  • Teaches respect for people, belongings, and environment
  • Exposes your child to diversity & the value of differences

Besides the mental, physical, and social advantages, preschool programs also provide health benefits. Quality care from preschools positively impacts both learning and development. Moreover, routine vision, hearing, and developmental screenings ensure children receive proper care.

Is Your Child Ready to Start Preschool?

We recognize that choosing a preschool and deciding where to enroll your child is a significant decision. However, before selecting a preschool, there’s one crucial question to consider: Is your son or daughter ready for preschool, considering that it typically serves children aged 3 to 6 years old?

What Age is Preschool for Your Child?

Here are few questions to answer that can help you choose if your child is ready to start preschool.

  • Is your child potty trained?
  • Can your child zip up their coat/pants/shoes?
  • Does he or she know how to follow simple instructions (e.g. sit down, wash your hands, etc.)?
  • Can you understand what your child is saying?
  • How well does your child react to change and transition?
  • How does he or she react to being away from you?
  • Does your child interact well with other children?

If you determine that your child isn’t quite prepared yet, that’s absolutely fine. You can enroll them in the next semester or even wait until next year. What matters most is that your child feels comfortable in their learning environment and can fully benefit from their preschool experience.


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