The Montessori educational approach fosters an enjoyable learning environment for children, emphasizing independent play, hands-on learning, and creativity devoid of the constraints of specific tasks or predefined standards. Infants and toddlers are encouraged to engage in self-directed activities, while also having the opportunity to participate in simple interactive games with caregivers or educators. Many of these games, such as the Color Scavenger Hunt and The Name Game, necessitate minimal or no additional materials. Moreover, parents seeking to implement the Montessori method at home may find it beneficial to have a selection of Montessori toys available for their children’s independent play.


Unlike numerous other toys available in the market, Montessori toys are designed to be open-ended, allowing children to explore their creativity rather than simply being passive recipients of entertainment. Additionally, Montessori toys are crafted with the intention of imparting specific skills rather than solely offering amusement. They are characterized by their simplicity and durability, making them suitable for young children to handle without fear of damage. These toys serve as excellent additions to any Montessori playroom, catering to the entertainment and developmental needs of children from diverse backgrounds.


Toys: Ages 0-1

During the initial year of life, infants undergo crucial developmental milestones that often go unnoticed by adults. These milestones encompass the ability to identify familiar faces, including their own reflection, establishing associations between objects and the sounds they produce, refining fundamental hand-eye coordination, and mastering mobility through various stages such as rolling, crawling, scooting, and ultimately walking.

1. The Leader Joy Montessori Munari Mobile: Designed for babies from one to three months old, this mobile helps infants learn how to track objects.

2. Montessori Gobbi Mobile: Specially designed for babies from two to four months old, this mobile helps a baby learn visual discrimination abilities and depth perception.

3. Haba Rainbow Fabric Ball: This ball, tailored for babies aged six months and older, assists young children in acquiring skills related to pushing and rolling objects, thereby enhancing their hand-eye coordination.

4. Set of 15 Large Wooden Blocks from My Toy House:  These large, rounded wooden blocks allow older babies to learn how to be creative and also teach hand-eye coordination.

5. Pocket Panda Baby Mirror Toys for Tummy Time: As babies encounter their reflections in this engaging mirror, they begin to grasp the art of making and identifying facial expressions. Its versatile design allows for easy use in cribs, on floors, or even in vehicles such as cars or vans.

6. Natural Wooden Baby Rattle by GRTMEN: A simple and safe wooden rattle that teaches a  baby how to grip a toy and follow its movement with their eyes.

Toys: Ages 1-2

The second year of your child’s life marks an exhilarating period as they achieve significant milestones in gross motor skills like walking, as well as fine motor skills such as carrying toys, kicking a ball, and navigating stairs. Additionally, toddlers begin to explore verbal communication, engage in scribbling, manipulate objects, develop pretend play skills, and demonstrate the ability to locate and identify named objects.

7. Fat Brain Toys Geometry Puzzle: This straightforward yet clever puzzle introduces toddlers to the concept of disassembly and reassembly. As they engage with the puzzle, toddlers will also become acquainted with fundamental shapes and colors.

8. Elite Montessori 3 Wooden Colored Discs on Colored Dowels: Similar to the geometry puzzle mentioned earlier, this enjoyable toy aids children in refining their fine motor skills as they learn basic colors.

9. Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone: Music boosts your child’s cognitive abilities, IQ, and reasoning skills, and this engaging music-making toy ensures that your kids fully enjoy the benefits of music.

10. Hape Block and Roll Cart: A multipurpose toy to help kids learn to push and pull as well as load, unload, and stack blocks.

11. Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set: Includes 5 baskets and 25 food items in a variety of colors. Kids learn color sorting, fine motor skills, and basic information about fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it serves as an excellent tool for fostering imaginative pretend play.

12. Hape Scoot Around Ride-On Wood Bike: Your toddler will have a great fun getting around on this safe bike while also learning balance & other coordination skills.

13. Waidobyu Montessori Shape Sorting Box: Older toddlers will enjoy learning how to take shapes out and put them back in. As they do, they’ll master fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while also gaining familiarity with fundamental shapes.

Toys: Ages 2-3

Kids in this age group enjoy mastering running, jumping, climbing, throwing, and kicking. They frequently start showing a preference for one hand over the other, can say simple words and follow instructions, & want to imitate what the grown-ups do.

14. Pikler Triangle: This beloved and engaging toy provides children with the opportunity to develop their climbing skills within the secure environment of their bedroom or a Montessori playroom.

15. Monti Kids Bead Stringing Set: An enjoyable toy designed to assist your child in mastering advanced hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with fun.

16. Monti Kids Tabletop Easel: Your little one will surely enjoy in drawing, coloring, stamping, and painting with their very own miniature easel. This device inspires creativity, helps kids learn colors and more.

17. Kids’ Station Indoor/Outdoor Toddler MUD Kitchen with Utensils: Perfect for creative play and mastering gross and fine motor skills.

18. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet: Boys and girls for sure love making noise with this fun toy. What’s more, they’ll learn about sound and master hand-eye coordination as they use it.

19. Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Playset: Kids will learn hand-eye coordination as they enjoy mimicking adults preparing food.

20. Wonder Wise Little Builder Workbench: All children are sure to enjoy carpentry play with this engaging toy. Additionally, they’ll refine their hand-eye coordination skills as they immerse themselves in imaginative activities.


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Disclaimer: Shir-Hashirm Montessori maintains no sponsorship or affiliation with the brands referenced above. This informative blog serves the purpose of providing valuable insights into some of the finest Montessori toys on the market.

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