What Is Sensory Play And Why Is It Important?

From the moment they’re born, children use their senses to discover the world around them. Find out how to use sensory play to help the kid’s development.

What is sensory play?

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates our senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. It helps children interact with and make sense of the world that surrounds them.

Why is sensory play important?

Sensory play plays an important role in a child’s learning and development. Much of our learning comes through our ability to use our senses to retain information.

Sensory play is a lot of fun. It also offers many benefits for child development, including:

  • Helping children understand how their actions affect what’s around them.
  • Supporting brain development, enhancing memory, complex tasks and problem solving.
  • Developing fine motor skills through tactile play (useful when children want to hold a pen or use scissors for example).
  • Supporting language development, communication and social skills.
  • Enhancing memory and observational skills.
  • Encouraging creative and independent thinking.
  • Emotional regulation by providing a calming effect on children’s angry or anxious feelings.

Some children may have a sensory sensitivity or need. Every child who has a sensory sensitivity is different, and their needs may change over time. 

When can you start sensory play?

From birth, children are ready for sensory play. Children are natural explorers – they’re constantly learning and taking in what’s around them.

Sensory activities can be adapted for different ages, needs and abilities.

You can easily adapt a simple sensory activity like blowing bubbles for different children at different stages and abilities, for example:

  • Babies might enjoy feeling the bubbles pop on their skin.
  • Toddlers can chase after bubbles and pop them on themselves, the floor, and surfaces around them.
  • For older children, try a project where they creating their own bubble mixture and blow bubbles using a wand or their hands.

What sensory play activities can parents do at home?

Sensory play activities can be as simple or complex as you’d like. They can often be set up with items you already have at home. There’s something to explore and wonder at in every home.

Here are some activities to try:

Sensory bottle

Fill a bottle with water, oil and food colouring for an exciting visual effect.

Indoor obstacle course

Use pillows, cushions, blankets – whatever you can find.

As well as the five senses, we also interact with the world through body awareness, movement and balance.


Children manipulate playdough with their hands to pinch, squeeze and pull it into different shapes.

You can make your own or buy some premade. Add scents or toys to help them build imagination.

Sensory bin

In a box, or container, place various objects with a variety of textures for a hands-on experience for children. This could be beads, paper, kinetic sand and water or leaves, rocks and sand.

How to Find the Best Montessori Preschool for Your Kids in Los Angeles?

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What distinguishes Shir-Hasirim Montessori is their commitment to personalized learning. Recognizing the uniqueness of each child, educators tailor sensory experiences to individual preferences, promoting a love for learning and fostering holistic development.

By choosing Shir-Hashirim, families join a community dedicated to academic excellence, emotional well-being, and social growth. Sensory play activities not only meet developmental milestones but also cultivate a sense of calmness and collaboration among peers. Investing in Shir-Hashirim Montessori means prioritizing comprehensive early childhood education centered around the importance of sensory exploration.

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